Teach To Sew

WITH You Can Make It

The Most Comprehensive Sewing Curriculum to Learn How To Sew

The You Can Make It program is the most comprehensive sewing curriculum for learning how to sew. It works on the theory that you must learn the alphabet first before learning how to read. The same is true with sewing; you must learn the basics first.

With You Can Make It, skills are taught progressively. Teaching: WHAT should be taught, WHEN it should be taught, and ALL that should be taught about sewing!  We leave NOTHING out, even where to put that first pin! Every detail is covered and explained. Students learn the latest tricks, shortcuts & techniques that make sewing fun… and easy!


  • Sewing skills are taught progressively in 7 levels, from beginner to Tailoring, with a hands-on approach.
  • Commercial sewing patterns are used with many options for students to choose from at each Level.
  • There’s no guesswork on what to teach first. Recommendations for pattern and fabric selection are provided.
  • A garment is completed at each Level.
  • Not only do we teach ALL sewing skills, but in Level 2, alteration skills are taught to achieve a great fit.

When students complete Level 7 of the, You Can Make It program; they will be considered expert Sewists.  

Topics Covered...