The You Can Make It Program allows you to focus on what you do best: teaching your students how to sew. As a licensed You Can Make It instructor,  you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your students will receive a high-quality education covering everything about sewing, from basic techniques to more advanced skills. Our curriculum provides your students with a consistent and effective learning experience, setting them up for success in their sewing journey.

We’ll supply everything you’ll need to be successful. . .

  • A structured curriculum that will save you valuable time and energy so you can put your energy
    into growing your business and teaching your students.

  • Comprehensive lesson plans so you’ll know what to teach, how to teach, and in what order.

  • Student handouts to aid in teaching and for future reference.

  • Recommended projects and pattern suggestions that teach skills progressively.

  • Ongoing support and community.

There is no other program like the “You Can Make It”

What Students Say About Us...

“I came to class with little sewing experience and low confidence in my work. My experience in class using the You Can Make It program has truly enhanced my sewing skills. My projects look just as good on the inside as they do on the outside now. The program wasn’t just about sewing; but also about developing patience, problem-solving, and project management. Sewing was just a hobby before, and now it’s an entrepreneurial opportunity!”

~Cheyenne W.

I am so excited to find a good sewing class finally! I had been searching for an entire year to find a sewing class that would teach me the skills that I needed in order to become a more professional and confident seamstress.  Within four weeks, I made a blue Jean maxi skirt and will start the Level 2 project with a zipper. The teacher is very patient and passionate about the sewing class and teaches the students in a very detailed manner. This is a very positive and pleasant sewing environment for the students. 

~Cynthia T.

My husband and I are taking our second set of classes and agreed after our very first class that we learned more in one class than in all the other classes we’ve taken before. Our instructor has a wealth of knowledge about sewing, but more importantly, she knows how to share her expertise with her students. The classes are designed to help any level Sewist gain skills as they progress through the program. I’ve taken classes before and really didn’t learn much because the classes were too large, and the classes did not have levels as You Can Make It. 

~Latasha J.