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Take a trip to the fabric store and choose a stylish jumper pattern and some striped or plaid fabric.

Stripes, plaids, bindings, piping, bias tape, stitched elastic & SEW MUCH MORE!

Alteration skills covered in Level 4: Increasing or decreasing the waist, adjusting for a long or short waist, and adjusting for a sway back.

Level 4: Have some fun with Level 4 of the You Can Make It series. Then sew along as you learn the complete construction process, in addition to continuing to build on your sewing skills and fitting skills. Learn how to easily lay out the pattern so that your plaids and stripes match at the seam lines. Learn how to identify different types of stripes and plaids, and the special features associated with them. Then find out how to use the tape or pin method to construct your garment. Packed with special considerations when working with darts, pleats, and gathers with the stripes in your fabric. Learn about stitching elastic, matching plaid patch pockets to the pattern in your garment, and making your own bias tape and piping. (100 min.)

Please note: this file is large and must be downloaded to a laptop or desktop.

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