Make It Fit DVD ~ For Skirts


When you purchase store bought skirts do you wish to change the length?

Are you afraid to tackle skirts with a lining?  

Do you want to change the skirt’s flare?

Do you need waist adjustments?

The following skills are covered:

  • Hem Lengths
  • Measuring Before the Pre-Wash
  • Measuring  After the Pre-Wash
  • The Triangle Theory
  • Finalizing the Hem
  • Skirts with a Lining
  • Choosing a Hem
  • Machine Straight Stitching a Hem
  • Machine Blind Stitching a Hem
  • Hand Stitching a Hem
  • Adjusting the Skirt Width
  • Adjusting the Waist Fit

Running time = 1hr. 11 min.





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